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What is the Top Secret?

Inspired from online escape games, this real-time escape-home game has revived in Kadikoy, having attracted the attention of millions all around the world in such a short time. Are you ready to share your leading role of our scenario with your friends in this game, also known as 'Escape the Room'?


1 TEAM, 1 HOUR, 1 EXIT You'll have only 60 minutes to find all clues, passwords and keys and to escape from the room by completing your tasks. You'll need courage to get in and teammates and a quick wit to get out. Watch out! Every detail is a possible clue.


Make teams of minimum 2 and maximum 6 mates and do not forget to book early if you seek to experience an unforgettable escape. You'll need help from each of your teammates.


  • TOP SECRET; TOP SECRET is the head-office of US Ambassador... A dead secretary… A missing ambassador... Not yet undertaken by any of terrorist groups... It is just a matter of time this case leaks into press...
  • SOLVE THE MYSTERY!; US Government authorizes FBI to solve the mystery as local police are left desperate. FBI agents in the crime scene will have great difficulty in solving the case as the Ambassador took many smart security precautions earlier.
  • LEAVE THE OFFICE!; The Ambassador equipped the office with complicated algorithms against unwanted guests, as he was a man of extra precautions. Upon arriving the office, agents will face with hard times not only when collecting evidence, but also getting out of the operation center.


  • As this Escape-Home Game requires an efficient teamwork, please avoid any personal attitude and share all clues with your teammates.
  • You'll make your friends stripped of the pleasure of this game if you share any information about puzzles and clues after the Game.
  • We are ready to work with you if you wish to organize a surprise event to your loved ones on your special days such as birthdays, marriage proposals, etc. You'll have the idea and we'll plan the unforgettable one-hour event.
  • Just outside the game area, there is a restroom you can use before the game starts. It is up to you to use it again once the game starts, as you'll never know how soon you are out.
  • There are two car parks just 100 m outside of our game area. However, we advise our guests to take traffic times into consideration.


  • You'll be called back using the mobile phone number you submit on booking approval. Your booking will be cancelled unless we get your approval twenty-four hours earlier of your booking time.
  • It is advised to make your booking early by selecting your day and time from the booking section, as we can only allow ONE team at each session in our game area.
  • There are two levels of difficulty in our game, STANDARD for first timers and PRO for the ones who know what to do. Please inform us which level you intend to play.
    • 2 People : 160 TL

    • 3 People : 210 TL

    • 4 People : 240 TL

    • 5 People : 280 TL

    • 6 People : 300 TL

    • Session past midnight 360 TL. (Call for availability)
    • English Moderator is included in these prices.


  • Make teams of your employees or between offices.
  • Observe their mathematical, logical, auditory and visual competences, manual and leading skills, time management and decision-making ability under pressure in addition to their problem-solving ability;
  • Teamwork, creative thinking, elaborative ability, quick wit and characteristics of early-quitters in practice.
  • We are here to meet you for our corporate solutions and organizations after you decide either to team up with your group of directors or to play alone.
  • You can also watch the game with our moderators while your employees are playing the game.
Address: Kusdili Street, Num:85 Flor:1 Kadıköy / İstanbul
e-mail : istanbulescape@gmail.com 0535 544 92 91
0216 346 38 68

Escape İstanbul; escape to room game.